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Start your day and aline your body, mind and soul with this perfect combination: We welcome you with a hot Ayurvedic healing beverage. Then you engage in a morning session of Hatha Yoga with breathing techniques and meditation on our open air Yoga Terrace. Finally you indulge in plant-based morning delicacies with our whole food, plant-based Brunch. 

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Healthy living is more than food or lifestyle choices

What is YogaBrunch?

Healthy living is more than a food choice or a workout. We believe that a healthy lifestyle transforms into healthier relationships, societies and environments. At YogaBrunch we combine every aspect of a healthy lifestyle: exercise, nutrition and relationships.

We were featured in this beautiful YouTube web series about veganism and healthy and sustainable lifestyle! Check out what you can expect from our YogaBrunch watching this video (Tip: you can turn on the subtitles if you don’t understand Portuguese).

Because we deserve it

Local and fresh Ingredients, plus a lot of creativity and love

What you get: for our preparations we use only the best ingredients from our local farmers market. We prepare everything from scratch using the whole food. What you will not find: highly processed or industrial food on the table.

Naturally fermented yoghurt

At the soul rebel kitchen we prepare our own plant-based yoghurt with exactly three ingredients: water, organic soy beans, probiotics.

Vegan Cheese

We don’t believe in highly processed, industrial vegan substitutes of animal-based food items. But we don’t want to renounce on great food, neither. So we prepare our own naturally fermented cheeses. You won’t believe they’re vegan.

Juices and Smoothies

The star on a plant-based Brunch in the tropics? Off course fresh fruits in every possible way. We prepare our juices with a slow juicer and we love our smoothies bowls with creamy smoothy as a base topped with crunchy granola and fruits, berries and nuts for that extra nutritional boost.

Tofu scramble

What is a Brunch without a good scramble? We love to prepare Tofu scramble in every possible way with the addition of vegetables and spices, so you won’t miss egg for sure.

Frittata or Omelette

Talking about eggs (which we do not want to eat): have you ever tried a Chickpea Omelette? If not you won’t believe it’s without eggs!

Bread Spreads

Being from Germany our Chef Juju loves bread spreads. She always prepares a wide variety and wild combinations. Talking about Bread, we serve you real bread, made from whole flour, grains and nuts.


What People are Saying

A must-do in Rio!

“We got so lost in conversation that I stayed several hours more! “


“Even if you’re not vegan”

Even if we are not vegan, we enjoyed the brunch a lot! Everything was prepared very nice and delicious. The atmosphere and the place is unique and very comfortable!


The perfect match

I really enjoyed the yoga session with Marie – she‘s a very talented yoga teacher, warm and authentic. The perfect match to this was the extremely delicious brunch – we had a huge choice of different wonderful dishes!


YogaBrunch with Juliane and Marie was great!

we ended up extending our stay in Rio to take part in a morning of hatha yoga and vegan food.. we’re so glad we did.


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