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Hi! This is Juju.

I am the founder and author behind Sanity & Reason and I wanted to heal myself and started my journey into the world of plant-based nutrition and natural healing. Then I wanted to share my newfound knowledge with others.

Juliane Brunner

I am a rationalist but also a devoted idealist. I believe that we can provide feasible solutions for all the crises humanity faces today, if we apply Sanity and Reason, and honesty!

In my “first life” I studied modern history and political sciences because I wanted to understand the world in which we life today and do my best to improve it for the most disadvantaged populations. After finishing my Master in International Conflict Management at the University of Bologna, Italy, I worked in the fields of renewable energy and waste management with a focus on International Cooperation. I believed that this was something were I could make a difference for the communities I served and the environment, all at once.

But I hadn’t included corruption and nepotism in my calculations. Eventually I opted out, and made a sabbatical year in order to reorientate myself. This is when I also started to be more conscious of my own health. I had been vegetarian for many years, when I eventually tried a “vegan challenge” in order to see if it could help healing me. From an experiment grew a passion, and from passion a vocation. I believe in the power of healing, internally, as a society and as humanity. I still want to make the world a better place, and this is how I do it.


Bachelor, University of Rostock, Germany

Modern European History and Political Sciences

2004 – 2007

Master, University of Bologna and Province of Bolsano, Italy

International Conflict Mediator

2007 – 2009

Deutsche Heilpraktikerschule, Germany

Formation as Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) Practitioner

since 2018

Sanity and Reason

Blog about Nutrition and Health

Since Jan 2018

Cooking School

since 2019
Juju with two collaborators


During the last years I was able to collaborate with some of the most powerful and dedicated professionals.

Some have a focus on veganism and social change, some concentrate more on health and lifestyle interventions. Whichever it is, I love to collaborate.

Featured In

Wellness for Mental Health

since Feb 2021


O Globo print edition

Dec 2019


Webserie: Não vim ao mundo a passeio

Jun 2019



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