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Bethink yourself of your inner goddess

The Goddess Retreat

This women-only retreat is meant to help you reconnect to your inner beauty and reevaluate your physical beauty. Get rid of weight, again, physical as well as psychological, and let your inner goddess shine her light. 

What will we do at The Goddess Retreat

During the goddess retreat we will focus only on the female side of the universe.

Where will we be

The benefits of fasting are manifold and will be addressed during the experience. The combination of fasting and hiking can be used as a remedy for many so-called Western diseases. Fasting and hiking protocols are particularly suitable therapies for overweight, high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus type 2, depression and stress. Fasting is also a great way to reset our taste buds, hunger levels and motivation for correcting our eating behaviour. During the week we will address lifestyle and nutrition and educate ourselves about healthy choices that we may want to implement after the fasting cure. 

But even for absolutely healthy people fasting is a great way to stay healthy and prevent future maladies. We all should give our bodies and minds some time throughout the year to clean and heal and to bethink ourselves of what is important and what really matters.

Why do I need you?

Therapeutic fasting is much more than just stopping to eat and should never be done without the proper orientation. We follow the fasting protocol of Dr. Buchinger, which is tried and tested on millions of patients in Germany and abroad. Buchinger fasting allows for very few calories throughout the day, which makes it a safe and proven way to fast and let your body repair itself. In addition to the fasting we will hike some of the most iconic landmarks and enjoy the incredible views of the city and its surrounding nature. The tours will be chosen according to the fitness of the participants and weather and safety conditions. As optional additions to the hiking we offer Qi Gong at the beach and sunset yoga classes, massages or even paragliding, Of course all activities are voluntary.

The spirituality of being a goddess

Fasting takes place not only on a physical level. For millennia followers of all religions have used fasting as a means to connect with the universal energy and to search for enlightenment. 

Fasting hiking combines the unique experience of freeing the body from accumulated waste and purify our minds and souls. Connecting with nature during fasting can lead to a reorientation on the personal path of life. Listening to your inner voice and getting to know completely new sides of yourself. If you’ve never done this before this will be a completely new, exciting and mind-opening experience.

Who am I.

My passion is bringing your body, mind and soul into its natural balance.

My name is Juju and I am passionate about wholesome, plant-based nutrition, fermentation, and healing through lifestyle choices that will last a lifetime. I am training to be a certified naturopath in Germany and I have many years of experience in everything related to food and health.

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