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Become the healthiest and happiest version of yourself. Become a Soulrebel. It’s easy with the right instructions at hand!

Together let’s overcome outdated beliefs on society, nutrition and health. Join us in our voyage towards freedom and integrity. Along the way, learn how to prepare satisfying and healthy day to day meals and menus and dishes from many different international cuisines, all naturally 100% plant-based and cruelty-free. Learn how to ferment and restore your gut health and implement lifestyle changes for the better on the long term. Don’t wait! Start today!!

Learn cooking with our plant-based cooking classes.

Natural Fermentation

The latest scientific findings show the importance of our gut health for many health conditions. Learn how to integrate natural fermentation in your everyday life and restore your gut health.

Brazilian Flavors

Pitaya, Papaya, Mango and Pineapple. Avocado, Manioc, Rice and Legumes. Chocolate and Coffee. Coconut and Pepper. You name it, Brazil has it. It is one of the richest countries for plant-based chefs. Discover exotic flavours and influences from indigenous cooking, as well as African and European cuisines.

I ❤️ Cacao

Have you ever tried the meat of a fresh cacao-bean? Have you ever used pure cacao in a savory dish? If not you should take this opportunity.

Coming soon: the Soulrebel club!

Soulrebel Catering

Do you want soulrebel food for your birthday party or wedding? Drop us a line and get you personalized offer.

Soulrebel Breakfast Club

Join us for a wholesome, plant-based Brunch. Enjoy sweet bakes like muffins or pancakes, savoury salads, bread spread, oven fresh bread, homemade yogurt and fresh juices in a beautiful setting.

Soulrebel Dinner Club

Once a month we invite you for an internationally themed dinner party. Love Thai food? Miss India? Never tried Korean bibimbap? We got you covered!

Coming soon: Soulrebel retreats!

Ayahuasca retreat

We offer the mind-boggling and life-changing experience of an Ayahuasca retreat in a safe setting. Check out our blog or contact us to know more about it.

Fullmoon Fasting

After the feasting comes the fasting. Once a month we offer a guided 72hrs water fasting with hiking tours, yoga classes and workshops to fill the day and kick-start long-lasting changes in our lifestyles in order to achieve best health.

become a soulrebel

You feel the need to heal and change your lifestyle from the scratch? You can stay long-term with us. Reprogram your lifestyle and finally be the best version of yourself in order to live long and stay healthy doing so!

Here’s what people say about Soulrebel Rio

“Juju e sua família são uns amoooores! Adoramos demais a experiência, foi incrível conhecer vocês. A hospitalidade, o carinho, tudo maravilhoso. Valeu muito a pena ❤️”


Airbnb, Jan 2021

“I had several adventures planned while being in Brazil for the first time and I would say cooking with the master chef JuJu was an experience I will never forget. Her attention to detail along with passion for food was good to see since I am as well passionate about food and preparation. I would recommend anyone while visiting or local to checkout her flavors of Africa. […]”


Tripadvisor, Dec 2020

“The cooking class experience was amazing! You will be welcome as a friend in an fabulous outside kitchen! First you’ll chat and have a drink with Juliane, and she explains the receipes you will do And you are immerge in the brazilian culture as she tells you the story Of the typical ingredients . Then, caipi and cooking! To finish, share the dîner and chat…. We recommand highly this experience!!”


Airbnb, Mar 2020


+55 (21) 982 950 900

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