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Soul Rebel Kitchen

Become part of the soul rebel movement.Together let’s overcome outdated beliefs on society, nutrition and health. Join us in our struggle for freedom and integrity. Along the way, learn how to prepare satisfying day to day meals and menus, how to ferment, prepare veggies for children, Brazilian flavours, German & Italian cuisine, all naturally 100% plant-based and cruelty-free.

Our plant-based cooking classes

Natural Fermentation

The latest scientific findings show the importance of our gut health for many health conditions. Learn how to integrate natural fermentation in your everyday life and restore your gut health.

Sabores Brasileiros

Pitaya, Papaya, Mango and Pineapple. Avocado, Manioc, Rice and Legumes. Chocolate and Coffee. Coconut and Pepper. You name it, Brazil has it. It is one of the richest countries for plant-based chefs. Discover exotic flavours and influences from indigenous cooking, as well as African and European cuisines.

I ❤️ Cacao

Have you ever tried the meat of a fresh cacao-bean? Have you ever used pure cacao in a savory dish? If not you should take this opportunity.

Here’s what people say about our cooking classes:

I attended this workshop with my mom and we both loved it. Juliane has a lot of knowledge of traditional Brazilian cooking and shares this in a brief introduction to the workshop. She is very creative with traditional recipes turning them vegan. It was clear that a lot of thought and research has been put into finding the best alternatives for the traditional foods. We cooked in Julianes beautiful kitchen with fresh ingredients and ended up with two absolutely delicious dishes and ofcourse caipirinhas. The whole evening was wonderful and had a really homely atmosphere. You will learn a lot about traditional Brazilian cooking and eat a delicious meal at the end of the night. Vegan or non-vegan, this workshop is a must do when in Rio!

Erline from Belgium

It was a wonderful experience to cook with Jule in her awesome oasis-like kitchen. I learnt a lot not only about culinary but also about the historical and cultural background of Brazil. And of course about the best way to make Caipirinha!!! At the end we ate what we cooked, and it was without question the best meal I had in Brazil. Thank you!!!

Timea from Hungary

This is such a wonderful experience! Juliane is so inviting and knowledgeable and I learned so much about Brazilian food and cooking! the dinner and drinks were absolutely delicious, I would highly recommend this to all travellers!

Desmond from Canada

I have a present for you!

Wondering how to prepare the best vegan Feijoada, and how a real Caipirinha is made? I have something for you 😉