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Rio Health Retreat

No city offers more for those who want a combination of beachlife, culture, fun and health options. Tropical climate, lush forests and white, sandy beaches, a neverending supply of fresh, exotic fruits and veggies in a million colors. Add Yoga sessions, plant-based breakfasts and cooking classes to this and you have the healthiest Rio experience possible.

YogaBrunch, 100% plant-based

Kick-start your perfect day in Rio de Janeiro with a vitalising Hatha Yoga session, a mind-calming meditation and a 100% whole-food plant-based Brunch which satisfies your body and your mind, all in an amazing setting.

Brazilian Flavours, 100% plant-based

Most traditional cuisines are naturally boasting an amazing variety of plant-based recipes. We rediscovered some and veganized others to give you an unforgettable experience in an amazing setting. Discover Brazilian rich culture through its food

What we offer

Hatha Yoga

Cooking Classes

Restore your Health

Why We Don’t Do Asanas

Yoga is the ancient art of bringing your body, mind and soul into its natural balance.

This can only be achieved with a holistic approach that includes pratices and techniques, but goes hand in hand with developing an integrated world view and ones spirituality. Then, we also do asanas.


Health Retreat: Book the Whole Experience

This is for those who want to combine a holiday at Rio de Janeiro with a health retreat. Wake up in the morning and have a Yoga session under the Mango tree. Enjoy a healthy, colorful and 100% whole-food, plant-based breakfast in the patio. Discover the city. Our Loft in Santa Teresa is the perfect starting point for trekking tours, sight seeing or the city beaches east and west of Guanabara bay. Meet for an afternoon Yoga session at Leme beach or have a cooking class and learn how to restore your immune system and health naturally, or prepare vegan Brazilian flavours back home.

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