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Discover Healthy Rio

Rio Health Retreat

No city offers more for those who want a combination of beachlife, culture, fun and health options. Tropical climate, lush forests and white, sandy beaches, a neverending supply of fresh, exotic fruits and veggies in a million colors. Add Yoga sessions, plant-based breakfasts and cooking classes to this and you have the healthiest Rio experience possible.

Fast Hiking at Rio de Janeiro

Combine Fasting and Hiking while discovering the incredible nature and iconic views of the beautiful city. 

The Goddess Retreat

Rediscover your inner goddess and get rid of the waste of the past. This women-only retreat will give you the means to heal your wounds, reconnect to your soul, and feel well in your body.

Check out our cooking classes

All our cooking classes are based on whole plant foods and health promoting.

Natural Fermentation

Brazilian Flavours

I ❤️ Cacao

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Wish you lots of fun and success with Brazilian Flavors. See you soon!