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Full Moon Fasting

Don’t you also feel something special when you look at the moon? Have you ever felt strange without knowing why and a friend told you that it could be because of the full moon? Do you realise that a woman’s cycle is of the same length as the moons cycle? The moon represents femininity, and in this online course and community we harvest the power of the moon to regenerate, grow and be the best possible versions of ourselves.

The Three Levels of Beauty

According to Vedas, woman’s beauty is presented on three levels:

The first level represents the physical beauty and our appearance;
The second level represents the inner beauty that is connected to our psychic energy;
The third level is our spiritual beauty. This is the spirit of every woman, or our Higher Self.

While the first level is influenced by Venus and its sexual attractiveness, the Moon activates our subtle beauty from the inside and our psychic energy. The moon energy is the energy of purity, love and friendship. And while many modern women neglect this kind of energy, in this monthly seminar we will reconnect with this ancient power and use it in our daily lives.

Monthly 72 hours fasting 

Fasting is an ancient way of enhancing spiritual experience and ridding ourselves from accumulated waste. This waste can be physical, psychological or even spiritual waste. Fasting helps us reducing our intake, and let our body, mind and soul repair and heal. While doing so it gives us an opportunity to concentrate on what is really important in our lives, right now, to forgive ourselves, and to restart a new cycle.

How does it work?

The Full Moon Fasting is an online experience dedicated to every women that wants to clean and heal herself. Every month around Full Moon our community will fast together and while doing so engaging in meaningful activities that reminds us of our inner goddess, help us take action in our lives and become a better version of ourselves, every time.


How does it work?

  • Instructions and a theme for the next fasting cycle
  • Instructions include tips on the physical part of the fasting itself as well as how to engage in meaningful action during the three days of fasting
  • Support group via Online Chat to help you stay strong if the fridge calls you
  • Meaningful discussions 

Let’s do it – together

What to expect from the Full Moon Fasting







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