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Fermentation is life

Nowadays everybody has heard of the microbiome and how it influences our well being and supports healing on a cellular level. Through extreme hygiene, antibiotics and extensive farming we depleted our souls and bodies of their natural allies. Fermenting is a great strategy to restore our inner balance. Join me now!

Discover Fermentation, 100% plant-based

Our world is full of helpful bugs. They live inside our intestines, on our skin, they help digest our food and defend us from harmful bacteria and viruses. Rediscover the tiny lifeforms that sustain our well being and health with Soul Rebel Rio. 

Fermented Drinks

Learn about the rich world of fermented drinks and how they can help you restore your gut health while substituting sugary drinks and and reaching your daily drinking goal. Together we prepare Kombucha and Water Kefir, plant based drinking yogurt and naturally sparkling lemonades. You will take home cultures and drinks to continue your experience back home.

Discover the magic of sourdough

Making your own bread and pizza dough at home is no rocket science. We will learn how to give life to our very own sourdough and how to take care of it. We will also learn how to use it for naturally fermented pizza dough and bread and what to do with the leftovers.

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Send us your booking request through our form below and get 20% discount on all our cooking classes. All experiences take place in our colonial villa in Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro. The experiences have a duration of 8 hours and takes place every third Saturday of the month. The participation fee is R$ 240, or R$ 192 if you send your request through our homepage. We offer all classes in English, Portuguese, Spanish, German and Italian.

plant-based cooking class for omnivores

Just give it a try, no judging

If you read my blog you will soon find that I am not a judgmental vegan that want to convince everybody to become vegan now. I am realistic and know this is not going to happen and maybe not even the best option for everyone. But I found out that many out there would love to give more vegan meals a try, but find it hard to get started. This is where this cooking class comes in. I give you a real world introduction on whole-food, plant-based nutrition and we will have fun and experiment some incredible tasty and satisfying food.

There are so many doubts once we start questioning the way we eat, the way our ancestors ate and most of the people we know, friends and family included, eat. Is it healthy? Where do I get my proteine from? Do I have to eat only salads if go plant-based?

The answer to most of these questions are pretty easy, but one have to find them, and overcome the initial fear. This is where a cooking class comes handy, isn’t it? You know an actual thriving, real-world vegan which gives you some useful tips for your pantry and how to buy stuff. We can talk about doubts and I can pass you tips and tested&trusted recipes. It’s easier then you thought and maybe this can just be the beginning of a new life, where you live up to your morals and become a healthier person.

In my cooking classes I provide vegans and omnivores alike with background knowledge of how to create a great meal, every time, and some thrifty cooking techniques. We cook everything from scratch and create whole-food, plant-based dishes and drinks that satisfy the body, the soul and the doctor.

cooking class

Brazilian Flavours, 100% plant-based

What our guests say about our cooking classes

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