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whole-food, plant-based, naturally probiotic

Fermentation is life

Nowadays everybody has heard of the microbiome and how it influences our well being and supports healing on a cellular level. Through extreme hygiene, antibiotics and extensive farming we depleted our souls and bodies of their natural allies. Fermenting is a great strategy to restore our inner balance. Join me now!

Discover Fermentation, regain your Balance

Our world is full of helpful bugs. They live inside our intestines, on our skin, they help digest our food and defend us from harmful bacteria and viruses. Rediscover the tiny lifeforms that sustain our well being and health with Soulrebel Rio.

Fermented Drinks

Learn about the rich world of fermented drinks and how they can help you restore your gut health while substituting sugary drinks and and reaching your daily drinking goal. Together we prepare Kombucha and Water Kefir, plant based drinking yogurt and naturally sparkling lemonades. You will take home cultures and drinks to continue your experience back home.

Discover the magic of sourdough

Making your own bread and pizza dough at home is no rocket science. We will learn how to give life to our very own sourdough and how to take care of it. We will also learn how to use it for naturally fermented pizza dough and bread and what to do with the leftovers.

Kimchi and other Krauts

Wild fermentation can be done without a starter with pretty much every fruit and every vegetable. Learn how to chose your materia prima and which fermentation works best for which kind of fruit or vegetable.

Yoghurt and nut-based cheeses

Even as a vegan you don’t have to say no to cheeses. And if you choose to eat them, they don’t have to be lifeless surrogates. Let me introduce you to the world of plant-based, naturally fermented yoghurt and cheeses.

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Plant-based for health

Changing all you eat from a standard diet to whole plant food can be challenging and confusing. Don’t know where to start? we’ve got you covered!

Brazilian Flavors

Pitaya, Papaya, Mango and Pineapple. Avocado, Manioc, Rice and Legumes. Chocolate and Coffee. Coconut and Pepper. You name it, Brazil has it. It is one of the richest countries for plant-based chefs. Discover exotic flavours and influences from indigenous cooking, as well as African and European cuisines.

I ❤️ Cacao

Have you ever tried the meat of a fresh cacao-bean? Have you ever used pure cacao in a savory dish? If not you should take this opportunity.


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