Discover Brazil through its culinary traditions

Brazil is a cultural melange that artfully mixes Indigenous, African, and European traditions. To discover its most famous dishes equals discovering all the influences that shaped the culture and culinary art of this colorful country. Join me now!

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Amazing Brazil

How did it start?

I came to Brazil to live here. I didn’t know it before, but once I walked through Rio de Janeiro I instantly felt that I was at home.

Much has changed since then. Brazil is not always an easy place to live, especially as a northern European. But one thing that has only deepened my love for this part of the world is its foods and flavors. The luscious nature provides the foody with amazing produce and tropical fruits. The culture is rich in traditions from all around the world.

During the last years I had the opportunity to travel around Brazil from North to South and East to West. I learned about Indigenous cooking techniques in the Amazon and traditions of Italian and German immigrants in Espirito Santo. I ate tropical foods from the Atlantic Coast and cowboy style dishes in the backlands of the northeast. Finally I learned about the African slaves and their influences on the culture, arts, music and, off course cuisine in the beautiful states of Rio de Janeiro, Espirito Santo. and off course, Bahia.

God is a Brazilian

Powerful mix of Indigenous, African and Portuguese cuisine

When I first arrived in Brazil I was overwhelmed by all the new flavors. Unfortunately many of them are not vegan or even vegetarian friendly. But as I am very solution oriented I started looking for plant-based alternatives and experimenting with Brazilian ingredients and recipes. What came out of it was a huge selection of vegan-friendly recipes inspired by the roots of Brazilian cuisine. Join me in this unique journey around the regions of Brazil!

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