the food of the gods

When you think about cacao you probably think of creamy chocolaty goodness. Or maybe you think about Nestlé and Lindt. Maybe you even think of exploitation and child trafficking. All these themes are interconnected and will be addressed in this special cooking experience.

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Me and Cacao

A Lovestory

Ever since I was a child and earned my very first own money I would buy myself bars and more bars of chocolate. I would eat them whole while reading books under my blanket. Years forward I found myself living in Perugia, the self-declared chocolate capital in the center of Italy. There I found myself working for ALTROCIOCCOLATO an event that promotes fair-trade and justice in the world of chocolate. Some years later, I am living in the country where the cacao tree actually comes from and lucky enough to have access to some of the best fresh and organic cacao beans of the world. Consider me the happiest girl in the world! Here the idea of exploring savory cooking with cacao as a spice was born. Turns out, it’s a delicious, unique and surprising addition to many creations and unjustifiably underappreciated as a spice. One of my missions is to promote the health benefits and culinary use of cacao and its products. Join me now in this whole new experience!

The food of the gods

Add Cacao and everything becomes special

I have always been a huge fan of everything related to cacao. But only when I started diving into cooking professionally did it cross my mind to use cacao as a spice. The results I obtained were stunning and now I want to share them with the whole world! Be my guest…


What People are Saying


“Juliane’s cooking class was exceptional! She has done a lot of research previously and really cares about where her ingredients comes from, which is awesome to learn from. She has beautiful energy to her, so positive. The food we made was delicious and completely different from what I have ever tasted with cacao previously. Would love to do another class with her again!”


“A special activity”

“After my trip through South America I wanted to let it end with a special activity. And this is was this cacao cooking class with Julianne definitely was! I felt welcomed from the first second on. The class was perfect, since I have learnt more about cacao and the recipes we cooked were just delicious! If you like chocolate and are looking for a nice and special evening, definitely book this activity!”


“Absolutely must!”

“AMAZING!!! This class was truly enjoyable from start to finish. Juliane knows a lot about food and brings her expert knowledge into all aspects of the class, I definitely learnt a lot! It was hands on, and we made soo much delicious food, 100% the best food we’ve eaten on our trip to Rio so far. Great people to cook with, and we did it all with 1 (or 2) caipirihnas in hand. You absolutely must take this class if you’re in Rio, it’s not to be missed!”



“For everyone who loves trying new things, I think this experience is a must! I never thought of cacao as an ingredient to cook with and how wrong I was. I kinda expected some sweet chocolaty things, but this cooking class is way better than that. We learned a lot about this ingredient and how good it is actually for health and made a lot of dishes together. All of them were AMAZING and super special, I have never tried anything like them before and I am in love. If you want to try some local food but you are already done with the mainstream ones that you can find on every corner, try this experience and you won’t regret. Oh and that caipirinha is the best! I’m so glad I went, such a good night!!!!”


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