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Sanity & Reason

We apply sanity and reason to make a sense of the confusing and even contradicting information on health and nutrition out there providing you in-depth articles and practical advice on how fasting, diet, and sustainable lifestyle can help you heal and feel your best in years. It’s not only about how long you life, but the quality of the years that lie ahead. All our advice is based on a combination of traditional medicine and healing methods from around the world, and the best available science, guided by critical thought, lateral thinking and the wish to leave this world a little bit better off than we found it.

Soulrebel Rio

Good physical, mental and spiritual health is not something that just happens. Information is key in order to make the right decisions, day after day. Our mission is to help you achieve good health with sound health information, nutrition advice and lifestyle changes.

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Some Advice from a Trusted Source

I don’t consider myself an expert. I just happen to have spent a lot of time reading and studying about diet and health, environmental issues and a sustainable lifestyle. I’m a restless learner and a fearless data digger. I am a lateral thinker and a not-believer. Out there are a lot of confusing tips on nutrition and health. I question everything until I find what I consider to be the truth. You may feel confused and need some trustworthy answers from somebody who puts their name on it. Read on, here is what I found.

Are Meat Eaters The Next Smokers?!

Are Meat Eaters The Next Smokers?!

Smoking and eating meat. What might sound like an odd comparison - and surely, there are many differences - unfortunately is more likely than you think. I am just about to show you that there are many similarities.   The trend towards vegan lifestyle and plant-based...

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It’s a food faddist’s world (part 1)

It’s a food faddist’s world (part 1)

Food what? Have you ever heard this word? Me not, until I came across it in a study where they were looking for healthy males and one exclusion factor was if the person who wanted to participate in the study was vegetarian, vegan or a food faddist. So wth is a food...

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noun | san·i·ty | săn′ĭ-tē


Sound mental health. The ability to think and behave in a normal and rational manner

noun | rea·son | \ ‘rēˈzən \


The basis or motive for an action, decision, or conviction. A declaration made to explain or justify an action, decision, or conviction. An underlying fact or cause that provides logical sense for a premise or occurrence.


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